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Our technicians can perform a network analysis on-site to help troubleshoot any problems that may be occurring and offer solutions to improve or eliminate issues.


Let us find the best Networking solution for you.



  • A wired network uses cables to connect devices, such as laptop or desktop computers, to the Internet or another network.


  • A wireless network allows devices to stay connected to the network but roam untethered to any wires. Access points amplify wirless signals, so a device can be far from a router but still be connected to the network.

WHY Wireless?


  • Convenience- Access your networks devices such as; (printers, scanners, computers, servers, NAS back-up solutions) from any location within your wireless network coverage area
  • Mobility- You're not limited to a set location, as you are with a wired connection.
  • Easy setup- You don't have to run as much cabling, so installation can be quick and cost effective.
  • Expandability- You can easily expand wireless networks with existing equipment, whereas a wired network might require additional wiring.
  • Security- Advances in wireless networks provide robust security protections.
  • Cost- Because wireless networks eliminate or reduce wiring expenses, they can cost less to operate than wired networks.


WHY Wired?


  • Stability- When configured properly wired networks provide reliability and stability.  Once the hubs, switches and Ethernet cables are installed, the end result is a workhorse system that is extremely reliable. Although wireless connections are constantly improving, you will find that wired networks are generally more stable and reliable.


  • Reliability- wired networks are more reliable because the signal is not influenced by other connections. For example, if you have wireless networks that are close to one another, one signal could interfere with another which can compromise stability. Or, if you have walls or objects nearby, this has an impact on a wireless connection where a wired network connection is unaffected by these factors.
  • Speed- wired networks are generally much faster than wireless networks.  Data speeds have continually improved with routers and other new technologies.  Additionally, wired networks tend to be void of any dead spots that are occasionally present in a wireless connection. This is mainly because a separate cable is used to connect each device to the network with each cable transmitting data at the same speed.  A wired network is also faster since it never is weighed down by unexpected or unnecessary traffic. Any unauthorized user is unable to connect to the network unless their device is connected using an Ethernet cable.
  • Security- when configured with the necessary firewalls and other security applications, a wired network is well protected from unauthorized access.  As long as the correct ports are activated and the network is monitored for suspicious activity, a wired connection with security technologies in place will provide your office with the protection requirements you need to perform daily business operations.
  • Cost- depending upon the configuration, the framework for a wired network can be rather inexpensive to install.  Ethernet cables, switches, routers, and other hardware is relatively cost effective. Additionally, the lifespan of the hardware typically stands the test of time before an upgrade is needed.



If you are a business or have  a multi-computer system you wish to find wired or wirless solutions for we can schedule a day for one of our technicians to come to your location and perform an on-site analysis.  We will contact you with the results and any recommendations we may have.  Once approved we will order any equipment needed  that we do not have in stock and perform the setup process of the solution you chose.

If equipment has to be ordered please allow 2-5 business days to arrive.  Back up solutions can be performed same day if the needed equipment is in stock.  We can also order equipment ahead of time so when you you are ready for us  we can perform the setup on a scheduled day... this requires payment up front, a prior analysis, and a chosen wired or wireless solution.

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