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Remote Support Services

To Start a Remote Session

1. Call a technician to schedule a session.




2. Download and Install the remote client application on your PC.




3. Give the 6-digit code to your technician.

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Computer issues? We can diagnose and solve your problems by connecting to you computer via an active Internet connection.

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Using our Remote Service we can diagnosis of you computer system can provide a technicians insight into the troubles you may be experiencing or resolve known issues.



There are many issues we can diagnose and help resolve. You may need to a technician to remote into  your computer for diagnosis if you are experiencing...

  • pop ups or other signs of ad-ware, mal-ware, viruses, or ransome-ware
  • install or troubleshoot printers and scanners
  • problems navigating task



Schedule a remote session by contacting a technician. Once session is scheduled we can remote into your PC and work on any issue you may be experiencing.  Download and install the client program for remote access.  After installation is complete provide the 6-digit code that appears on your screen to the technician so that they can gain access to your PC.  Any other issues discovered or recommendation will be communicated to you as they arise.

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