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Looking for a Security Solution to Save Money & Give you Peace of Mind?

WHAT?  "I'm concerned that my Construction Site is under threat of theft or vandalism when I'm away."


When looking for a security solution for a Construction Site you could run across  many challenges. You could find yourself face to face with theft, vandalism, or liability issues. New builds typically don't have any networking infrastructure set up yet, so finding a solution that covers your requirements may be inefficient or costly to build.  Finding someone with the skills to get you the coverage you need can be difficult.



Its important to have someone that can determine the equipment thats the best for the site, and the capability to properly setup and maintain the technical side overseeing the security equipment. Having this equipment monitored and inspected along the life of your service allows optimal performance and leads to little or zero video loss due to equipment malfunction or tampering.



Providing you with a hands free approach to securing your or your  clients investment, we give a full service experience so you get peace of mind. This is what we do for you...

* We survey the sites best point of view.(this may require multiple cameras to cover additional areas of concern)

*We provide and maintain the equipment needed for your site for the chosen period of service.

*We offer service for the your site in periods of 3,6 & 12 Months paid in advance.

* We collect all footage obtained at the site for review if there is an occurrence of vandalism or theft.

*We schedule a time lapse video accompanied by licensed drone footage of site's completion at the end of service.

*We provide remote support to the homeowner or contractor utilizing our services if they need any help connecting to or reviewing their footage.

****Not all cameras on site can be accessed by contractors or owners for security and policy reasons,(Our team maintains these to rid the possibility of malfeasance. Note: All footage obtained is available to you upon request.)

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