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Mobile Service- Diagnosis

Mobile Services are great way to save time and money.  Our Technicians can diagnose your computer or network issues. We have the tools and products to repair and restore most technical problems.

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Computer issues? We can diagnose your problems quickly and provide you with a solution to resolve your issues.



Diagnosis of you computer system can provide a technicians insight into the troubles you may be experiencing.



There are many issues we can diagnose and help resolve. You may need to bring your computer in for diagnosis if you are experiencing...

  • pop ups or other signs of ad-ware, mal-ware, viruses, or ransome-ware
  • lag or slowing of your computer system from normal operation
  • artifacts, blue or black screens, error messages, or vertical and horizontal lines in your display
  • freezing or undesired shutdowns
  • hardware issues (example: broken screen, no image on your display, malfunctioning keyboard, unfamiliar noises, no boot screens, freezing during boot or updates, or any unfamiliar operation from normal operation)
  • (OS) operating system issues, update problems, or corrupt system files



Diagnosis will be performed on the device using information you have provided us as a base point. Once we have concluded the diagnosis and the cause of the issue(s) is/are determined we will supply you with suitable solutions.  At this point we will contact you before we proceed with any repairs and inform you of the solutions we have drawn.  Once you approve we will continue with the repairs and notify you when the task is completed.  Any other issues discovered or recommendation will be given to you as they arise.

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