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Laptop Screen Replacement

Need your screen replaced?



Screen replacement.



You may need a screen replacement if...


  • your screen shows physical damage to your device
  • your touch screen no longer functions correctly
  • black screen or no display but you still hear your device working properly
  • have vertical and/or vertical lines or dead pixels
  • cracked digitizer or lcd display



Bring the device you would like us repair to our store for diagnosis and we can determine the part needed for replacement.  We will contact you with the cost of repair and any recommendations we may have.  Once approved we will order any parts not in stock and perform the repair.

If parts have to be ordered please allow 2-5 business days to arrive.  Screen replacements can be performed same day if parts are in stock.  We can also order your replacement ahead of time so when you bring your device in we can perform the repair same day... this requires payment up front and the model # of your device.

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