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Need your computers hardware replaced or upgraded?



With computer hardware, an upgrade is a term that describes adding new hardware in a computer that improves its performance.



You may need a computer upgrade or replacement if...


  • Performance increase, which makes the overall computer run faster and more smoothly
  • Capacity increase. For example, adding a larger hard drive allows the computer to store more information.
  • Adding more memory increases the computers ability to run more programs efficiently.
  • It may be necessary to upgrade the computer to meet a program or games system requirements.
  • hardware is damaged, faulty, or has reached its life expectancy



Bring the computer system you would like to upgrade or repair to our store for diagnosis and we can determine the repairs or upgrades needed to reach your desired performance.  We will contact you with the cost of repair(s) and/or upgrade(s) and any recommendations we may have.  Once approved we will order any parts not in stock and perform the upgrade or repair.

If parts have to be ordered please allow 2-5 business days to arrive.  Hardware replacements take on average 1-2 business days.

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