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Data Recovery, Data Transfer, & Hard Drive Destruction

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Computer Crash? We can recover and/or transfer your files from your working or no longer working computer.

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Data recovery is a process of salvaging (retrieving) inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged or formatted data from secondary storage, removable media or files, when the data stored in them cannot be accessed in a normal way.

Data transfer utilizes various communication medium formats to move data from a device to the media of choice.



There are many reasons why you would want to transfer or recover your data. You may need data recovery or a transfer if your...

  • computer has crashed and you can no longer access your information from your PC
  • computer is infected with a virus and would like your files to be scanned and transfered after you PC has been cleaned.
  • hard drive is showing symptoms of failure; computer running slow or freezing up, error messages about hardware or boot failure when starting up the computer. This is a critical time and you would need to get your files transfered asap before your hard drive is no longer recoverable.



Schedule a session by contacting a technician or bring you device into out shop. After a technician takes a look and diagnoses the problem you will be able to get a better estimate of the time it will take to recover or transfer your data. Any other issues discovered or recommendation will be communicated to you as they arise. Generally, data recovery will take 2-5 days. However, the amount of time it takes to recover data will vary depending on the problem.  Data transfers are less time consuming and are completed much faster.

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