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Clean-Up, Virus Removal, & Factory Restore

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Is your computer infected with a virus? Need your Operating System restored to factory settings? Or, is your computer just running slow?  We can diagnose and repair your system to get it running like new.



 We can diagnose your computer system and provide a technicians insight into the troubles you may be experiencing. Once diagnosis is complete we can then resolve the issues that are making your system perform properly.



There are many issues that can be resolved by reinstalling or performing a factory reset. You may need to a technician to reinstall or factory reset your computer if you are experiencing...

  • pop ups or other signs of ad-ware, mal-ware, viruses, or ransome-ware
  • lock ups or freezing after  Windows Update
  • No boot error message
  • slow start up or performing task



Bring your computer into our store for us to diagnose your system.  We will contact you with the results of our diagnosis and our recommendations.  If you are needing files to be saved from your system before performing the reinstall we will perform a transfer to usb drive or the files can be restored to your computer after re-installation is complete. If you would like us to reinstall any software that was present on the computer prior to its malfunction we can do so if you provide the keys and installation media. Once the operating system has be re-installed we will install any drivers needed and update windows to the newest service pack.  This process takes 1-2 business days to complete.

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